The Beautiful Land Initiative


Your donation will go toward raising awareness and enable us to continue and expand our work in Israel

As an environmental stewardship organization dedicated to solving the litter problem in Israel, The Beautiful Land Initiative focuses on four primary targets:

  1. go to site Community service volunteer litter-cleanups. BLI mobilizes tour groups, lovers of Israel from around the world, as well as a growing grassroots movement of local Israelis to aid in this effort.
  2. Offering practical solutions to reduce littering and maintain cleanliness.
  3. Collaborating with municipalities and other non-governmental organizations.
  4. diclofenac sodium gel 3 percent price Creating awareness through print, television, social media, educational programs, and networkers.

Help us restore honor and dignity to the Land of Israel.

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Adopt a Beach on the
Sea of Galilee
This donation option is for those of you who want help the BLI in bringing practical solutions to reduce littering and maintain cleanliness.

Sponsor Bins, Benches, and Bag Dispensers for the Sea of Galilee