The Beautiful Land Initiative

Pick up litter

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The Beautiful Land Initiative (BLI) is a nonprofit organization founded near the Sea of Galilee in September 2015. The BLI is dedicated to solving Israel’s nationwide litter problem, and that is our mission.
The BLI engages the litter problem through:

Volunteer efforts utilizing international

Change the attitude toward littering

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The name, The Beautiful Land Initiative, has layers in it’s meaning. The most obvious is that it describes the nature of the initiative, namely, to beautify the Land of Israel. The label “The Beautiful Land” came from the prophets. In Hebrew,

It begins with a hands on act of love

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We are a small group now. But we are focused, dedicated and clear on the direction of The Beautiful Land Initiative. The BLI has made significant progress along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and within the City of

The Beautiful Land Initiative's Stats

This is only the beginning!